Applicable across all of IT Operations

 The Merlynn TOM Technology is perfect for IT Operations where there is complexity across the technology estate and where human intervention is required to deal with uncertainty in the decision-making process that is needed to run the operations.

Through a TOM implementation:

  • TOM digitises human expert decisions to create “Virtual Experts”.
  • TOM requires no data to create a Virtual Expert
  • TOM is ‘low code’ – designed to be used by the business expert
  • TOM is the only technology able to replicate ‘tacit knowledge’

This gives the IT Operation real-time access to their best human experts and enables organisations to more efficiently manage risk.

E2Tech has proven the software in Technology Operations in projects focused on reducing risk around system downtime and accelerating incident resolution. Use cases are also applicable in change management, knowledge management as well as more proactive decision making, such as when to patch the estate or invoke high alert on the operations.


Benefits of TOM for IT Operations include;

    • More efficient use of valuable resources
    • Scaled capacity to absorb spikes & additional workload
    • Virtual Experts available 24/7
    • Codified IP and expertise
    • Decision Consistency & Accuracy
    • Real-time Multiple Expert surveillance
    • Minimized MTTR
    • Zero human error or fatigue
    • Decision transparency for audit / process analytics / regulatory inquiry
    • Ability to demonstrate operational risk management / rigour
    • Cost benefits – reduced downtime costs
    • Real-time response – enhanced service delivery and customer experience.


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