Why work with us?

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Continually grow and improve

No process is ever perfect. We review and assess your operational processes to ensure efficient and effective application, removing waste, and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.

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Insight-driven decision-making

Decisions should never be made in the dark. We help you access real-time operational data and metrics so you can improve the speed and accuracy of your decision-making and drive better business outcomes.

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More time to innovate

Plagued by painful production issues? We can help you get things back on track, focusing on making your technology secure and stable so you can focus on the future.

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Reduce costs. Eliminate errors.

Time equals money. We help you identify and automate time-consuming operational tasks, reducing costly errors, and providing a sustainable framework across all your daily automation routines.

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Scalability when you need it

Delivering your business agenda is our goal. We help you create the right technology environment to meet the changing needs of your business. Giving you access to the right skills, in the right places, at the right cost.

Blueprint for success

IT Service Operating Model

To deliver the right business outcomes it’s critical to align your technology with your business goals. Our IT Service Operating Model is the blueprint for operational planning and success. It covers everything from defining services in scope to the skills and infrastructure required to deliver your services successfully.
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Be ahead of the curve

Automation Acceleration

Our Automation Acceleration service gives you a framework to identify, implement, and track the effectiveness of all your automation activities. As a result, we can help you fast-track your automation capabilities to monitor performance, drive down costs, and eliminate costly manual errors.

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See the trees beyond the wood

Instrumentation and Observability

Most applications generate a lot of valuable data, but all too often it's not used to spot issues early and avoid costly downtime. With our Instrumentation and Observability services you get a view beyond the trees and the wood to help you proactively spot concerning trends and get a deeper understanding of how your technology is performing.
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Prepare for the unexpected

Strategic Crisis Management

Not every crisis can be avoided, but having the right strategy in place will go a long way in ensuring you are in the best shape possible to respond. Our Crisis Frameworks aim to assess your crisis-preparedness and arm you with expert advice and recommendations to minimise the impact of incidents, maximise recovery, and build a robust continuity framework for the future.
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Efficiency maximized

Process Optimization

Processes never stand still, they naturally change and evolve over time. With our Process Optimization service, we help you take a step back to truly understand your business objectives and how your processes will help you achieve them. As a result, we can help you review and streamline your operations to improve efficiency, eliminate waste, and boost productivity.
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Spot issues early

IT Service Review

Whether you want to improve stability or assess readiness before a major change program, our IT Service Reviews take a deep dive into the technology you use, to assess robustness, identify hotspots, and uncover any improvements needed.
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Talent maximized

People Optimization

The greatest investment any business can make is in its people. Our People Optimization service helps you maximize the potential of your people and put their skills and capabilities to best use. By examining your current resourcing approach we can identify any gaps and areas for improvement and help you optimize your talent strategy for the future.

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Real people and real world problems

Trusted specialists worldwide use our services to benefit their business.

Jeff Nelson
Executive Vice President
Strategic Staffing Solutions
Strategic Staffing Solutions logo

"E2Tech enabled us to enhance the way we deliver technology services to our Customers. Their expertise, knowledge, and attention to detail helped us structure new services, and gave us more time to focus on driving our business forward. They exposed new efficiency opportunities from automation and adoption of tooling across our organisation."

Head CTO
Top tier European financial institution

"E2Tech really helped us tackle the topic of Observability. Their thought leadership and experience enabled a strategy and framework for observability which has allowed us to move beyond the theory to practical application."